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Located in John Day, Oregon, we’ve been serving the communities of John Day and Grant County since 1967. Our pharmacy staff have over 75 combined years of experience and our friendly staff will treat you like family. At Len's Drug, we believe that being a local John Day pharmacy means providing healthcare and compounding services to our patients that are customized to meet their needs.

Meet Our Team

Greg Armstrong

A 1984 Graduate of Oregon State University College of Pharmacy, Greg moved to John Day when he was in the fourth grade and has spent all but 4 months of his professional career at Len's Drug. He is joined by his wife, Marla, who supervises the Variety area of the store. He likes to spend time with his three daughters, their husband, and his grandkids. John and Catlyn,Joey, Ree, Hannah, and Elijah, and Alex and Tilli, Greg is active in the Church of the Nazarene and enjoys an occasional game of golf or a long bike ride. He is always ready and willing to discuss your health issues or medications.

Tilli Bjornberg

Tilli has lived in Grant County all her life. Tilli have been part of Len’s Drug since 1996. Tilli became a license technician in 2005 and became a certified technician in October 2007. She graduated from Oregon State College of Pharmacy in 2014 with her PharmD. Tilli moved back to John Day in December 2014 with her husband. Tilli finished her MBA from Oregon State in December if 2015. She is the pharmacy manager at Len's Drug.

Tracie Unterwegner

Tracie has lived in Grant County for the last 13 years. Tracie has worked at Len’s Drug for the past 13 years. She received her Bachelor of Pharmacy from Washington State University. Before she worked at Len’s Drug she worked in various other positions in retail and hospital pharmacy in both urban and rural communities. In her spare time she walks, read, sew and ski. Tracie has two children Lee and Karmen.

Wally Muzzy

Wally has been involved in Pharmacy in Grant County for nearly 40 years. He owned and operated John Day Pharmacy for over 35 years. Since his semi-retirement, he has been working with the Len’s Drug staff. He is married to Darlene and their children are grown and live in the Tri-Cities and Roseburg area. They have enjoyed traveling to see both their family and new parts of the country

Certified Pharmacy Technicians

To be called a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) a person must first pass the Pharmacy Technicians Certification Exam. The exam tests the technician knowledge and skill base for activities performed in the work of a pharmacy. These duties include assisting the pharmacist in serving patients, maintaining inventory, and assisting in administration of the pharmacy. A certified technician must renew their certification every two years, this happens through continued education. Here at Len’s Drug we require all technicians to either be certified or be working towards certification.

Tanzie Hammon

Tanzie has lived in Grant County since 1988. Her mother, daughter and granddaughter all live in Grant County. Her daughter Brandi works at Blue Mountian Nursing Home as a DNS. Her granddaughter is three. Tanzie enjoys playing with her grandaughter and working on her house in her spare time. Tanzie has worked at Len’s Drug since 1994, except for two years she spent in Washington. She was first licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in 1994 and became a certified in July of 1997.

Jula Ansotegui

Jula has lived in Grant County her whole life. In her spare time Jula enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family. Jula is married and has 2 kids. Jula has worked at Len’s Drug since May of 2001. Jula first became a licensed Pharmacy Technician in 2001 and became a Certified Pharmacy Technician in 2002.

Margaret Harvey

Margaret has lived in Grant County all her life. Margaret has three kids. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, reading, and watching TV. Margaret has worked at Len’s Drug for the last year as a Pharmacy Aid. In October of 2007 she became a licensed technician. In August of 2008 she became a certified technician. She is enjoying her work and she looks forward to learning more.

Marla Armstrong

Marla moved to Grant County with her husband Greg in 1984. In her spare time she loves playing around with music, she plays all kinds of insruments. She also enjoys riding her bicycle with her husband. She has three daughters, two Korean exchange students, and two grandkids. She has worked at Len’s Drug since 1994. Marla is now the Manager of the variety part of the store, as well as being in charge of accounts payable. She is also a certified pharmacy technician.

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